Get ready to join your fellow Rotarians in celebrating service above self during the Week of Service, every month during the last full week of the month. We’ve put together a variety of ideas, outstanding local businesses to support, nonprofits to give back to, and other easy ways for you to serve safely from home, or out and about in the community.
Post photos of you in service activities to our Facebook Group or tag us in your Instagram Posts @RotaryPDX.



Monday - Rotary Day

  • Invite a friend to Rotary
    • Do you have a friend that could benefit from Rotary? Invite them to join us  live at tomorrow’s weekly meeting - send them this link ( and we’ll see them at 12!
  • Watch (and share!) Past Meetings
    • Did you miss a meeting or want to remember what that incredible speaker said? Maybe you’re interested in learning more about a new committee? All of our recent meetings are on our Youtube channel here.


Tuesday - Be a Good Neighbor Day

  • Pick up Rubbish

    • Go for a walk on your own (or physically distanced with a friend) and pick up trash in your neighborhood, leaving the world behind you a little cleaner than you found it. 

  • Check in with neighbors 

    • Everyone’s dealing with a lot right now and sometimes a friendly face is all you need. Check in with your neighbors and see how they’re doing. (And maybe share our next option!)

  • Give the gift of homemade food

    • Who doesn’t love a surprise treat?! Spread joy today by offering a neighbor something you’ve baked or cooked. If you’re stuck for ideas, this is Mari’s favorite easy chocolate cake recipe


Wednesday - Donation Day


Thursday - Support Local Businesses  Day

  • Get takeout from a local restaurant (Check out this map of local Black owned eateries for inspiration!)

  • Curbside pickup or delivery from your favorite brewery (Want to know if your local is offering beers to go? Check out this map.)

  • Purchase an item or gift card from a local retail store

  • Book a staycation at a local hotel (Find a new favorite here.)


Friday- Volunteer Day

  • Friday - Volunteer Day

    • Sign up to be a Meals on Wheels volunteer - Contact Ulrike Deveto: [email protected]  


 Check out this compilation of more ways to give at Hands On Greater Portland