Thank you for your sustaining membership in the Rotary Club of Portland. Without you and your time, talent, and treasure, the Rotary Club of Portland could not be as relevant and provide meaningful impact to our local and global communities.

You make a difference every time you:

  • Attend Tuesday meetings

  • Attend and participate in committee work

  • Contribute to our charitable trust and Rotary International

You make the difference in what we can accomplish. Thank you for your service each and every day, week, month, and year contributes greatly to our relevancy and our mission.

Please don’t hesitate calling the Rotary office for support at any time if you cannot find the information you are seeking.


If you are a Committee Chair and need funds disbursed from your budget, or if you are a member and spent approved funds for reimbursement, please fill out this form.


Access the directory and other documents by clicking 'Member Login' in the upper right corner of the screen. Use your DACdb Login to gain access.

How to Logon to DACdb and Register for Classes and Events

Registering for various classes and events on DACdb is one of the most consistent bug-a-boos reported by new members or members who aren’t frequent users of DACdb.  DACdb stands for District and Club Data Base, by the way, and is not only our registration site but also the repository for much Club and District information. The main snag for infrequent or new users seems to be the log-in process–and you must log in before you can register for a District event.  Click here for our simple log-in cheat sheet, and save it or print it off for the next time you need it.   And remember, if you get stuck, you are only a mouse click away from our DACdb expert, [email protected]